Updates to Rocket Launchpad

Moon Sheets

Even with the best moderator team around, we have noticed individuals repeatedly asking similar questions. Telegram or Discord can make it difficult to find relevant information and therefore we are taking things a bit further and creating moon sheets.


We have noticed a trend over the past 3 successful IDOs. Users tend to wait until the last 48 hours to stake in an attempt to participate in token sales.

First Come, First Serve (FCFS)

To ensure max participation, we will now allow all individuals to participate in the FCFS tier but with the following stipulations:

  • Everyone else can buy during the FCFS sale, but it will be at the Quipuswap listing price.

Quipuswap Token Listing

We have always focused on starting IDOs at a time that is most favorable to individuals all over the world. However we missed one critical aspect….the Quipuswap listing. Previously, we were listing tokens directly after the IDO had completed. We realize that this is often during late night hours for Europe and Asia. Therefore, we are adjusting our policy to list tokens 24 hours after their token sale start date.



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