🌮The $crDAO Experience: $WTZ For Our VIPs👑

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2 min readOct 27, 2021


Current As of 26 October 2021
Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice

It’s a big moment for Crunchy and our $crDAO holders! After a long stretch of farming🚜, all $crDAO now exists in the wild, in the hands of our elite community! What are the alluring parts of being a $crDAO 💰cash-cow🐄? Well, it’s all about that VIP⭐ treatment, and we are starting it off with our first holder reward for the closure of $crDAO distribution…a $crDAO →$WTZ farm to celebrate!

🎉Ceeeeelebrate Crunch Time, C’mon!🎉

In the last few weeks, Crunchy has rolled out our IFO platform as well as site upgrades and concepts for our much-anticipated Pie Slicer🥧. With all the work going on, we want to make sure that $crDAO holders get a little extra care, and that’s why we have set aside 7,500 $WTZ (1 $WTZ = 1 $XTZ) in a special farm for $crDAO holders👜! The farm will begin 01 November📅 and will be single-sided for $crDAO, with payouts coming in $WTZ that can be swapped 1 for 1 for $XTZ directly on Crunchy Network! Farming will last for 3 months, with over $50,000 USD in current value to be claimed!

💳Member Rewards: Getting DAO’n To Business💳

This is just the first of many special events and promos we will run for $crDAO holders. There will only ever be 12,000 $crDAO in existence, and we want to make sure that every opportunity we can offer to holders is given. $crDAO holders will have access to future VIP farms, feature testing, giveaways, and most importantly, voting rights for operating the Crunchy platform!

We are excited to keep the features coming and to continue to build out our Defi-as-a-Service (DaaS) concept. You, the community, keep us motivated and determined in our efforts and we owe our success to you! Stick around for more great things to come! Make sure to stay up to date with all of our social media outlets for the latest and greatest.

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