🌮The $crDAO Experience: $WTZ For Our VIPs👑

🎉Ceeeeelebrate Crunch Time, C’mon!🎉

In the last few weeks, Crunchy has rolled out our IFO platform as well as site upgrades and concepts for our much-anticipated Pie Slicer🥧. With all the work going on, we want to make sure that $crDAO holders get a little extra care, and that’s why we have set aside 7,500 $WTZ (1 $WTZ = 1 $XTZ) in a special farm for $crDAO holders👜! The farm will begin 01 November📅 and will be single-sided for $crDAO, with payouts coming in $WTZ that can be swapped 1 for 1 for $XTZ directly on Crunchy Network! Farming will last for 3 months, with over $50,000 USD in current value to be claimed!

💳Member Rewards: Getting DAO’n To Business💳

This is just the first of many special events and promos we will run for $crDAO holders. There will only ever be 12,000 $crDAO in existence, and we want to make sure that every opportunity we can offer to holders is given. $crDAO holders will have access to future VIP farms, feature testing, giveaways, and most importantly, voting rights for operating the Crunchy platform!



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