January 2022 Update


Crunchy Network
3 min readJan 24, 2022

Portfolio tracking is now live on Crunchy with more features on the way!

Since the Rocket/Crunchy merger, we have been hard at work on some new exciting features that we believe will improve portfolio management on Tezos. These features will be released iteratively over the coming months.

The first of these features will be a portfolio management tool. The first version of this tool will allow users to see tokens that they hold in their wallet. These tokens will be limited to ones that have value on an exchange and are populated via the tzkt API.

From there, we plan to build this portfolio management tool to include NFTs from multiple marketplaces, farming from various platforms, LP tracking and even an easy to read history section.

Disclaimer: Information provided in the Portfolio section does not take into account the amount of liquidity available. Please make sure you check with the DEX you wish to trade at before making a trade.

Why this feature? We all have forgot about a farm we have entered in or a token we purchased late one night…and that just isn’t something we believe is necessary. Also, we want Crunch to be the go to place for all DeFi on Tezos. What better way than to create the go to portfolio management tool to bring in all users.


This feature was made possible due to a grant request funded by the Tezos Foundation. In early September, we began putting together a grant request proposal for the Tezos Foundation. Why the Tezos Foundation? Well, we have two answers for that. For one, the features we were looking to build were outside of the original scope for Crunchy. In order to make sure we have adequate funding for long term growth, it made sense to request a grant. The second reason was out of genuine curiosity and awareness of the grant process. With Crunch now operating a product launchpad, we want to make sure we were as familiar with the Tezos Foundation grant request process as possible to assist future projects.

It took about a month between researching and discussions with other TF funded projects like Nomadic Labs and TZAPAC (both were extremely helpful and transparent) to gather enough information and craft the documentation required for a grant. Everything was submitted to the TF and that process took around 25 days to get an approval. From there, there was a back and forth to get all paperwork signed and that took around 2 weeks. At that point we started building out these features.

This will not be our last grant request. The ability to utilize the TF, when it makes sense for both parties, has opened up the ability for dozens of other features to be developed.

But ser, wen pie slicer

This is 100% still a feature that is being worked on, but while that feature is ironed out we will continue to push Crunchy forward. We have 3 developers with two being focused on the front end currently. This gives us the flexibility to work on several features at once. Look for a post in the future about the pie slicer.

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