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Aug 5, 2021

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Shaking and Baking Things Up: Rocket Goes Corporate

Current as of 04 August 2021

Disclaimer: This is not intended as financial advice. …

Over at Rocket Launchpad we love Tezos, and we want to continue to play an important role in the development of the blockchain. We saw Tezos needed a launchpad to help accelerate new projects, so we came together and built Rocket. For the next step of our galactic journey we actually went back to an old love, baking!

Set Oven To 2018° and Bake for 3 Years

Baking was our first true love in Tezos. As a team, we have been running a baker since Block 15 in August 2018. Our project is all about doing what we love with those who want to make Tezos better. What better way to do that than to expand our baking services to a corporate level! As with all aspects of our business model, we look to give back to Tezos and the Rocket community. This is another step in that direction, and we take our mission seriously. I mean, Kirk ran our baker from the backseat of his car on a cross-continent drive!

Kirk Bakes From His Backseat/Trip Through Alaska and of Course His Cat, Jimmy J Creamsicle

Roll-ing Out the Recipe

Rocket has begun baking our current presale holdings. In the short-term, we will not be accepting delegations, but this is only temporary. We want to take 2–3 months to ensure that our baker holds a steady efficiency rating so when we begin taking delegations users can feel confident that their baker has their back! Once we open up delegations, there will also be an added bonus…you will receive a discounted fee on your staking if you hold $RCKT tokens in your wallet! This is just another great way to add some more incentive to our community. And of course, you can bet your lucky stars we will perform our most important duty as a baker, and that is voting and representing our delegators, the way it should be done.

More information will be released about the specifics of our baking service, and we are excited to expand our influence into another great application provided by Tezos. We are glad to have you onboard for this journey, and at Rocket we always remember that its our community that got us here!

For now, you can check on our baker here:

Josh Vaught
Rocket Launchpad