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Rocket Launchpad Partners with TezID

We are thrilled to officially announce we are partnering with TezID. We love their KYC proof’s concept and feel that the best way forward is to work with a peer startup and grow together.

What does this mean for users leading up to Q1 2022?

Thanks to all who showed up on launch day to show support of the final $RCKT token sale. Although it was an amazing time, the entire Tezos community still felt the pain of the less than ideal Granada upgrade. Issues with transactions not getting picked up or long block times left many of you with questions and the Rocket team trying everything we could to smooth things out. We truly thank you for your patience during that time!

Get to the point guys!

What does this mean going forward? With the issues surrounding the KYC process and the announcement of a partnership with TezID, we are making some changes that we believe everyone will appreciate. We envisioned a smoother KYC process for ourselves and our users and therefore we are moving to a region IP block for countries that are not allowed to participate in the $RCKT token sale until TezID has their fully KYC proofs ready to go.

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