Locked In for Launch: Your Rocket Presale Checklist

Current as of 07 August 2021
Disclaimer: This is not intended as financial advice…

The last week has been full of excitement, details and updates! You might be thinking “how can I keep up with it all?!” Well, you are in luck. We want you to feel equipped and ready with the most up-to-date information about our final presale, so lets do a recap. Sit down, buckle up, and lets get down to business.

Flight Itinerary

The Rocket is taking off…and soon! The sale is less than 6 hours away! Lets take a look at the time and token allocation breakdown for the sale. Make sure all of your assets are ready to participate. Its going to be a wild ride!

  • From 1000 EST 07 August to 1000 EST 15 August, 80,000,000 $RCKT tokens will be available in the IDO (1 $RCKT = 0.005 $XTZ). A total of 400,000 $XTZ will be raised during this phase. This phase will be a FCFS (First Come, First Served) style event.
  • From 1000 EST 13 August to 1000 EST 15 August, 20,000,000 $RCKT will be available in the IFO (1 $RCKT = 0.005 $XTZ). A total of 100,000 $XTZ in value will be raised during this phase. However 50,000 $XTZ value in $CRUNCH will be burned after sale.

Decision, Decisions, Decisions!

We wanted to find a way to include as many other Tezos projects as we could to make this a team effort. For this sale, we will be utilizing $XTZ, $kUSD, and $CRUNCH! Here are the options…

  • $XTZ (IDO) - This will be straight forward. You will simply have $XTZ in your wallet of choice for Tezos. The presale price of $RCKT will be 1 $RCKT = 0.005 $XTZ. The minimum buy will be 30 $XTZ with no maximum.
  • $KUSD (IDO) - We have added the choice of $kUSD. We see $kUSD as one the best algorithmic stable coins on Tezos and wanted to give users a chance to use it on our platform. We will be handling the price of $kUSD on a daily basis due to the slight fluctuation in price action it has from day to day. For the first day of the sale, we will peg the $kUSD price equal to 1 XTZ= $3.50 $KUSD. Therefore, 1 $RCKT will equal 0.0175 $KUSD. Keep in mind, this will be reevaluated during certain periods of time during the sale, and we will make sure to update everyone when that is done!
  • $XTZ/$CRUNCH LP (IFO) — We are excited to showcase our IFO concept for the first time, and what better way than with our last presale! We will have a 100,000 $XTZ value (20,000,000 $RCKT) pool available for those who want to utilize our IFO. Make sure you take a look at our Medium article here to see how it works!

Did I Make the Team Coach?

We have had several updates on how to participate and who can. You can see what addresses have been whitelisted here. Remember, you can KYC at any point during the sale and purchase $RCKT as long as there are $RCKT tokens available. So, lets recap by going over a list of who is eligible…

  • (IDO) KYC Participants
    - This is the most ideal way to be eligible, as it sets you up for success in the long run. For all future IDOs, you will be required to complete the KYC process. If you have not already, you can complete your KYC by going to https://rocketlaunchpad.synaps.io/ and completing the steps! If you have issues with the KYC process, please make sure you DM Kirk @onebalddude in Telegram.
  • (IDO) Previously Whitelisted From Private and $FARMer-Only Presales (For IDO Portion of the Sale)
    - If you successfully bought $RCKT in any of our previous presales, you are eligible to participate. Make sure you use the same address that you used during those sales events. Keep in mind, you will be able to participate in the $RCKT presale, but you will not be able to participate in future IDOs unless you KYC. KYC is something we require so that we stay in compliance with regulation.
  • (IDO) *NEW* Users Who Bought $GOT On Rocket In the GOeureka Presale
    - We have decided to open up another pool of users to the party with the extension of our $GOT token buyer. If you bought $GOT from the Rocket platform during the GOeureka presale, you will be whitelisted to participate in our final presale. Keep in mind, you will be able to participate in the $RCKT presale, but you will not be able to participate in future IDOs unless you KYC. KYC is something we require so that we stay in compliance with regulation.
  • (IFO) For the IFO Portion of the Sale, Everyone Will Be Eligible!
    - For those who don’t qualify under the IDO portion of the sale, don’t fret! With the way the IFO structure works, everyone is eligible to participate in this category.


Immediately after the sale ends, you will be able to put those $RCKT tokens to work earning the next exciting thing on Rocket in our $rkDAO. Here are the details…

  • Wallets holding 25,000 $RCKT will be airdropped 5 $rkDAO from the Community Distribution allocation. Airdrop time and date will be announced after the token sale has completed.
  • The remaining Community Distribution allocation will be placed into farming pools with different pairings:
    - $XTZ/$RCKT LP-> $rkDAO (4x)
    - $RCKT-> $rkDAO (3x)
    - $XTZ/$crDAO LP-> $rkDAO (2x)
    - $XTZ/$KUSD-> $rkDAO (1x)
  • Farming will start 1000 EST 16 August 2021. It will run for 1 year while the DAO is discussed, built and while we transition Rocket to the DAO model.

Exiting Atmosphere

With so much going on, we hope that this gives you a good scope our what to expect for the presale. There are a lot of details, but we hope this has helped. As always, our team is standing by to help you with any questions you might have. The primary focus of this event is make sure our users have a great experience and to show you that Rocket was designed with our users in mind!

Go ahead and get familiar with our links to ensure you have the most up-to-date information about the presale and all of our other exciting events!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rocketlaunchpd

Discord: https://t.co/o47d7K9NeN?amp=1

Telegram: https://t.co/8KrDWowOR6?amp=1

Medium: https://rocketlaunchpad.medium.com/

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