Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs): Launching With A $CRUNCH

Short-Term Farming for Post-IFO Token Distribution

In our last IFO, 50% of funds bought in the IFO were available immediately after the sale and the other 50% were unlocked 30 days after the sale. However we have a new improved method to distribute tokens after the sale by utilizing a “short-term farming distribution” concept.

Do I Need to Stake CRUNCH to Participate?

Nope! CRUNCH does not need to be staked or locked anywhere to participate in an IFO. Currently, projects launching on Crunchy will incur a 5% launching fee based on the amount of funds raised. We will use 50% of the launching fees to buy back and burn CRUNCH while the remaining 50% of the launching fees will be placed into the $crDAO treasury.


Our first launch on Crunchy will be the highly anticipated $PXL token by the PixelPOTUS team. They are excited to be the first to launch under the new IFO model and Crunchy platform.



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