🌮Crunchy’s DEX Aggregate🌮

😡Don’t Get Aggravated, Get Aggregated!😀

Tired of going through every Tezos DEX to find the best swap for your DeFi assets? Well our DEX Aggregate takes the pain out of trading. By analyzing price and pool data across multiple DEXs, our aggregator generates a trade route that gives you the most optimal swaps. It’s time to let us do the hard work for you. The best part? The service will be free to use upon release!

🎓📈Education On Optimization📈🎓

The aggregator has a lot going on behind the scenes, so how does it work? In short, the aggregator analyzes several API endpoints across Tezos-based DEXs for price and pool data. This enables the aggregate to calculate price and liquidity data for each token on each DEX in the DeFi ecosystem. Depending on the token and amount in the swap, the aggregate will use this data to generate the optimal swap route, ensuring you are getting the most from your trade.

😢(Left) Swap Without Split Pool Weighted Trade — (Right) Swap With Split Pool Weighted Trade😎

💡Building An Aggressive Aggregator💡

We are excited with the current performance of our aggregate, and we can’t wait to continue enhancing its capabilities. With that said, we still have work to do. We are currently working to effectively add Plenty and Youves’s stable pool data to the swap mechanism. We also are testing additional route optimization techniques with our split pool trading mechanic to finds ways to further increase the optimization of trades. Creating the best applications means continuous innovation!



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