Crunchy Network Development Update

22 Nov 2022

The bottom may be falling out of the market, but our team is more active than ever. With that, we decided to give a broad update on all the features we are working on to ensure we are as transparent as possible.

Tezos Token Tracker (Coinmarketcap)

We currently have a mainnet version we are testing out and optimizing internally. We still need to connect the open source TradingView charts and optimize the load speed to get it to a place we are comfortable releasing.

DEX Aggregate

To ensure users get the best value for their trade, we switched our focus the past couple of days to the DEX aggregate and to these key features:

  • Custom Indexer for faster load times and more complete data
  • Advanced liquidity aggregation (3 hops each with 3 paths)

Crunchy pulls data from a lot of different APIs. To help with future performance and troubleshooting, we had to make the very difficult choice to build out our own indexer that will be the hub of data for most Crunchy services. We currently have a proof of concept indexer created with additions being built as we speak.

As for advanced liquidity aggregation, it was completed over this past weekend and is being tested and implemented on our frontend changes. The current plan is to push both the indexer and advanced liquidity aggregation on a v2 of the DEX aggregate.

We are now in the middle of adding more events to the smart contract and indexing them so we can show the full history details for slices. We are also connecting the Sliced details page to the contract and indexer.

The last thing we will need to do is configure the homepage and we will be ready for user testing. During user tests, we will submit the contract for a full audit.



DeFi as a Service Platform

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