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Portfolio tracking is now live on Crunchy with more features on the way!

Since the Rocket/Crunchy merger, we have been hard at work on some new exciting features that we believe will improve portfolio management on Tezos. These features will be released iteratively over the coming months.

The first of…

Continuing on our focus on user feedback, we are making some major changes to how our platform operates to best suit our Rocketeers!

Moon Sheets

Even with the best moderator team around, we have noticed individuals repeatedly asking similar questions. Telegram or Discord can make it difficult to find relevant information and…

Current as of 01 September 2021
Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice!

Holy cannoli another exciting series of events unfolds on Rocket Launchpad! The $GIF token presale SELL OUT on Rocket marks the FIRST solo-launched project on Tezos from a native launchpad and the FIRST solo-launch SELL OUT. What an…

Meet WTZ, a new FA2 compatible token, fully collateralized by XTZ, fully fungible, and oh so rewarding. DeFi, get ready.

Minting WTZ

The process of minting WTZ is simple and straightforward. A user submits XTZ to the WTZ swap contract and receives back an amount of WTZ according to the current swap…

If you thought we were done with the announcements over at Rocket Launchpad, boy you were wrong!

As the name suggests, Initial Farming Offerings are a brand new type of fundraising activity that uses farming to generate funds for participating projects.

The IFO process is beneficial to new projects, Rocket…

Crunchy Network

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