🏛️ DAO’n For the Cause: $crDAO Governance On Homebase 🏛️

🗳️ Dabbling In the DAO🗳️

⚖️ Governance At A Glance: A “Common” Goal ⚖️

🛣️ So What’s DAO’n the Road? 🛣️

  • We will move Treasury holdings to one account to be managed on Homebase
  • If Homebase does not fit the need for our Crunchy Governors then there can always be governance measures enacted to alter how/where governance could better operate
  • As Homebase and our governance model builds out we will always focus on one thing and that is ensuring that the process is fair, sensible and appropriate (our community is a huge deciding factor on this)

🔥 Buy Back and Burn Contract🔥

  • Deposits half of the $XTZ in the Crunchy Treasury
  • The contract takes the other half of the $XTZ and buys an equivalent amount of $CRUNCH, on Quipuswap, that is immediately burned in the Fire Pit.”

🌮 We Feed on Feedback 🌮




DeFi as a Service Platform

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Crunchy Network

DeFi as a Service Platform

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